"Finally, NOT the same old saw horse. Your StandTall Sawhorse System is a pleasure to use. It is a breeze to set up my work table to cut sign panels. The top tray and side holes conveniently hold my saws and tools; no more bending to the ground to pick them up. I also use them as drying racks when I have many panels to paint. I also use them as safety barricades when I do sign installations because of their bright orange color. You have made my job easier! Thank you!"


"Thank you! Using the StandTall Sawhorse System has allowed my work space to accommodate all 1700 linear feet of my T&G pine trim that I stained. This would have been a very time consuming project that normally would have taken days but with this system it was all stained and dried in one day taking up very little space. The tray on top was great for holding the cans of stain and brushes. Thank you for such a great product!"