About Us

I've been in the painting trade for over 30 years, working in both residential and commercial in New York and Vermont.

For years I painted loose trim boards, siding, tongue and groove, v-joint decking and all types of material to be installed on different projects.  A huge bundle of material would be dropped off at a job site and I would do what I have always done; I would set up two traditional sawhorses and lay three or four boards on top to be painted.  I would hold the rolling pan or can in one hand and paint with the other.  When those few boards were painted I bend over and put the tools on the ground, stand up and remove the wet painted trim off the sawhorses and look for a place to stand them up or lay them out to dry.  I would do this all day long, week after week, not realizing how many times I bent over to pick up tools or move material.

I have watched carpenters and other trades do the same repetitious moves that I was doing.  Then one day I was inside a customer’s two car garage, it was raining outside and in the middle of the floor there was a bundle of trim to be primed; 100 boards 5 ½ “ wide and 16’ long and I had no idea where I was going to place all this trim to dry.   So I made a makeshift drying rack out of scrap lumber which only held 30 boards.  I leaned some against the walls and on drop cloths on the garage floor.  I still didn’t have enough room to paint all of the boards in one day.  It was an extremely frustrating day.

I went home that night thinking there had to be a better, faster, less time consuming way to get the job done and look more professional doing it and over time I developed the StandTall Sawhorse System.

My System is designed to hold a lot of material in a small space.  Traditional sawhorses cannot hold as much material and take up more floor space.  The System saves time moving material around, speeds up daily production and requires less physical energy while completing daily tasks for all trades.