Features & Benefits

Multi-use System

Save time, save energy, increase daily production!  Compare the many uses of the Standtall Sawhorse System to four traditional sawhorses!!


  • A tray at the top to hold power tools, hand tools and parts.  No more bending to the ground to pick up those items.
  • Maximum working height of the Workstation is 34”, which is approximately 5” taller than a typical sawhorse.
  • Openings on all four sides to accept milled 2” x 4” and 2” x 6” lumber and up to 2” diameter pipe.
  • When round materials (ie: pipes, fence posts, etc.) are laid across the system, the materials will not roll off of the Workstation.
  • The Workstation can be added on to in any direction and any height depending on the project.
  • Constructed of LLDPE molded plastic.  No hinges or moving parts to wear out.  Stackable for easy transporting and storage.
  • Orange in color for good visibility on job sites.
  • The footprint of two Workstations is equivalent to one traditional sawhorse footprint.


An 8’ x 12’ table can be erected, set up a saw and load up system with lumber for sawing, painters drying rack up to five rows high, a job site safety barrier can be created by adding on to the system in any direction, plus many more uses!

An excellent System for carpenters, painters, drywall installers, plumbers, HVAC contractors, sheet metal fabricators, siding companies, overhead door installers, log and timber framers and homeowners, to name a few!