1.) How tall is the four piece STANDTALL SAWHORSE SYSTEM when stacked for transporting or storing? What is the footprint of one unit?  What is the tray dimension?
  • The height of four stacked is 53 1/2”.   The footprint is 17 ¼” square.  The dimension of the tray is 10 5/8” square.
2.) How many linear feet of material will the SYSTEM hold?
  • It depends on the width and length of the material and the length of the rails.  Five rows high of material 6” wide and 16’ long on 12’ rails will hold approximately 1,600 linear feet.
3.) What is the vertical distance between each level?
  • The holes down the center of each unit, will accept milled 2”x 4” lumber and have a vertical distance of 2 ¾” to place material across.  You can increase the vertical distance by using less rails up and down the SYSTEM.

4.) Can you use the SYSTEM on a slight grade?

  • It is not recommended.  The system is designed to be used on level ground.  The system can be used on concrete floors, plywood floors, driveways or in the grass as long as ground is level.

5.) Can the SYSTEM be added on to?

  • Yes.  The SYSTEM can be added on to in any direction as long as the rails go through the holes and come out the other side for stability.

6.) Can I use 16’ rails on a four piece set?

  • Yes, depending on the weight of the material.  If the rails start to bow it is recommended to purchase a two piece set to be placed in the middle of the 16’ rails.  Also it is recommended to double up the rails and use the outer holes that accept milled 2” x 6” lumber.  So a four piece set with possibly a two piece add on set in the middle using four 2” x 6” milled lumber would be the ideal set up.

7.) Does the SYSTEM come in colors other than orange?

  • No.  Orange was chosen because it is a bright color and provides high visibility on jobsites.

8.) Does the SYSTEM accept rough cut lumber?

  • No.  The size of the holes are designed to accept standard 2”x 4” and 2” x 6” milled lumber and up to 2” outside diameter pipe in the round holes.

9.) Can the SYSTEM be left outside?

  • Yes.  The SYSTEM can be outside in all kinds of weather.   If they are left outside in the rain, ½ holes should be drilled on the inside four corners of each tray for drainage. 

10.) Can the SYSTEM be used for staging?

  • No.  The SYSTEM is specifically designed to hold materials and tools.

11.) What is the weight of a four piece set?

  • A four piece set is approximately 45 lbs.