Product Instructions & User Warnings

Standtall Sawhorse Product Instructions & User Warnings The Standtall Sawhorse System will give you many years of service when used correctly. Here are a number of product instructions & user warnings to consider:


  1. When stacking or storing the System, always place your fingers inside the top center holes or on the sides of the top tray. Avoid placing your fingers inside any of the holes when below the top hole to avoid pinched fingers.
  2. When sliding 2” x 4” or 2” x 6”milled lumber rails through the holes of the System be sure the rails go through the other side of the System holes for stability.
  3. Always store the System with the tray side on top.
  4. Always use lumber that is straight and has no cracks or splits.
  5. Always place the System on level ground. Don’t set up the System on an angle or hill.
  6. The System is not to be used for standing on or staging.
  7. The System is to be used as jobsite safety barriers on the ground and a sawhorse and/or rack system to hold building materials for carpentry, painting, etc.
  8. Make sure all System feet are placed firmly on the ground before placing materials on the rails.
  9. Always use the System with the tray side up for stability.
  10. Don’t use the bottom of the System legs to lay materials across.
  11. All material weight should be distributed evenly across the System rails starting in the middle.
  12. If the System is to be used outside in inclement weather, ½” holes can be drilled in the inside of the four corners of the trays.
  13. Each 2”x 4” rail placed in the holes down the middle of the workstation System with material distributed evenly across the rail will hold a maximum of 250 lbs. When all 5 holes are utilized the System will hold a total of 1,250 lbs. of material.
  14. The outer 2”x 6” holes and round holes are designed to hold heavier loads when the rails are doubled up on the outer holes of the workstation. Be sure to slide the rails through one side and out the other side of the workstation for stability.  Maximum weight of material when using double rails is 600 lbs.